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Waterjet Advantage

United Structure Solutions has its own waterjet machine that is capable of cutting a large variety of materials in varying thicknesses. Our in house machine can cut thickness of material 4"-6" thick piece of metal with very little taper.


Efficient Sheet Shearing

We can use this effective way to make long straight cuts up to 12' wide, for up to 0.375" thick mild steel, 0.25" aluminum, and 0.25" stainless steel.

United Structure Solution is very proud of our team of highly skilled an certified welders. We are expert in welding aluminum, red iron and stainless steel to impeccable finish. Our polishing and final product are indeed museum ready each time. We are very proud of the work we did at the East River Park on the east side of Manhattan for the Parks Department and the work we are doing for WTC HUB and WTC Liberty park. The mesh and glass rails you see below are actual mock ups not renditions.

We are able to do:


Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) - also known as "stick welding", uses an electrode that has flux, the protectant for the puddle, around it. The electrode holder holds the electrode as it slowly melts away. Slag protects the weld puddle from atmospheric contamination.

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) - also known as TIG (tungsten, inert gas), uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas such as Argon orHelium.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) - commonly termed MIG (metal, inert gas), uses a wire feeding gun that feeds wire at an adjustable speed and flows an argon-based shielding gas or a mix of argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) over the weld puddle to protect it from atmospheric contamination.

Flux-coredarc welding (FCAW) - almost identical to MIG welding except it uses a special tubular wire filled with flux; it can be used with or without shielding gas, depending on the filler.

Come visit the shop  to see our work and finish product

United Structure Solution bends metal sheets, tube and pipe an various material types and thicknesses we use state of the art technology to ensure that these materials are bent with accuracy to suit your needs and specifications. Our craftspeople, designers and CAD engineers are glad to discuss your project with you and provide you with timely estimates for costs and delivery. We are able to tell you how we plan on meeting your end products desired specifications. We V groove, perforate, punch and weld to get the raw materials we use to transform into the visions our clients had in mind.

The products we manufacture have been used in:

• High Rise Office Towers
• Luxury Residential High Rise Buildings
• Airports
• Transportation Facilities
• Schools and Colleges and more please visit our portfolio to see a select few recent and ongoing projects.

Bead Blasting

United Structure Solution Inc. can handle all your bead blasting needs right here in our facility.


Why Bead Blast Stainless Steel?


Uniform, Non-Directional Finish

Bead blasting provides a consistent matte finish that contrasts well with other highly polished finishes.


Improve Stress Corrosion Resistance

The peening action of bead blasting stainless steels will cause them to both work harden and stress relieve the metal. This can improve the stress corrosion cracking resistance on austenitic stainless steels.


No Carbon Contamination

The blast booth and media are nonferrous zones. Carbon steel parts are never processed in the blast booths, and the blast media is monitored for any outside contamination.


United Structure Solution is capable of working with Stainless Steel and Aluminum in a work envelop of 34’x16’x16’

The matte, bead blast stainless finish is a great aesthetic for the food service or pharmaceutical industry. The process hides small surface defects from material handling and gives a beautiful uniform finish. The surface roughness can be less then 1.0 µm


Polishing and Painting


United Structure Solution can put a directional finish on your metal, polish grind resurface. Call us to see what services we might be able to offer you.  We are also able to finish paint metal in shop for ready to install metal products.