One job at a time...

United Structure Solution Inc. is a MWBE DBE certified full service shop and Union Contractor. We pride ourselves on building our reputation one job at a time.

NYC Department of Sanitation
New Garage/Maintenance Facility
620 W56th Street, New York, NY 10019

The Department of Sanitation of New York funded a brand new award-winning garage/maintenance facility for the West side of Manhattan. United Structure Solution, Inc. provided labor for the installation of the extensive curtain wall system which serves as the building's main feature, interior fire-rated glass system, exterior metal ceiling Luxalon Box 2 in the 56th street tunnel, metal cladding and canopy, as well as interior architectural metal closure plates. The innovative design gives the building a unique and eye-catching presence among the West Side Highway's modern redesign.

State University of New York
Stony Brook University, New Rec. Center
Stony Brook, NY 11794

Stony Brook University's new Recreation Center boasts a very modern and sleek design. The SUCF allowed United Structure Solution, Inc. the opportunity to design a state-of-the-art guardrail at their brand new upper-level running track. USS furnished and installed new stainless steel guardrail with perforated panel system, leaving a modern look and allowing the building to be opened ahead of schedule.

State University of New York
Old Westbury University, New Campus Envelope
Old Westbury, NY 11568
Old Westbury University underwent an extensive renovation to modernize their entire campus. United Structure Solution, Inc. provided experienced labor in order to replace the entire curtain wall system at 8 buildings, leaving an entire university with a contemporary and polished look.
Port Authority of NY/NJ
WTC Path Station
Battery Park, NY
The nationally recognized new World Trade Center Path Hall is currently undergoing a major reconstruction. The station's construction is one of the nation's largest projects. United Structure Solution, Inc. furnished and installed various architectural/structural components for the station's development, including stairs, glass guardrail, architectural metal panels, beam enclosures, smoke baffles, and more. The Hub, designed by internationally acclaimed architect Santiago Calatrava, will be the third largest transportation center in NYC, and will connect visitors to 11 different subway lines, the PATH rail system, WTC Towers 1, 2, 3, and 4, the World Financial Center, and the Winter Garden.
Department of Transportation
Battery Park Underpass
Battery Park, NY
The Battery Park Underpass is a vehicular underpass in Battery Park, Manhattan. The underpass underwent a complete renovation. United Structure Solution, Inc. furnished and installed a brand new guardrail system, as well as metal wall panels, creating a modern and sleek look.
Department of Environmental Protection
Croton Water Treatment Plant
Bronx, NY
The $3.2 billion Croton Water Filtration Plant is one of the largest projects in the city's modern history. Hidden under a golf course, the plant contains above-ground buildings, and an extensive metal-cladded wall, installed by United Structure Solution, Inc. Various architectural metal products were also provided throughout the massive project.
Silverstein Properties
WTC - Tower #4
New York, NY
Designed by award-winning architect Fumihiko Maki, 4 WTC is one of the most high tech and state-of-the-art buildings in New York City. United Structure Solution, Inc. added to the elegance of the main lobby by furnishing and installing various stainless steel and glass products, such as grills, column covers, ceiling cover, gates, as well as the B1 level's main entrance storefront.
Silverstein Properties
99 Church Street
New York, NY
The Robert Stern-designed tower at 30 Park Place will grow to 937 feet, with a Four Seasons Hotel occupying the lower floors. United Structure Solution, Inc. was awarded the contract to furnish and install the exterior balcony railing and decorative window railings at this 1920?s-evoking, ultra-luxorious addition to downtown Manhattan's skyline.
Liberty Park
World Trade Center
Liberty Park is an elevated park located at the World Trade Center, overlooking the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. The park is planned to have various types of guardrail, all furnished and installed by United Structure Solution, Inc. From street level, the park will also boast a massive living wall spread among the building?s façade, with structural supporting steel supplied and erected by USS.
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Plymouth Street Building Renovation
Right underneath the Manhattan Bridge, an extensive renovation of an old maintenance facility at 99 Plymouth Street has been transformed into a commuter and environmental education center. United Structure Solution, Inc. installed a brand new Curtain Wall System., windows, as well as interior fire-rated glass system. The modern redesign has been deemed elegant, and is a great feature to the public park.
Hunts Point
Bronx, NY
The Hunts Point Train Station in Brooklyn recently received a renovation in order to become ADA accessible. United Structure Solution, Inc. provided material and labor to construct brand new elevator kiosks, as well as stainless steel guardrail and handrail at the station, serving thousands of daily commuters.
Smith-Ninth Street
Brooklyn, NY
Smith-Ninth Street is a subway station located in Brooklyn, served by the F and G trains. The intensive, $32 million rehabilitation project took two years, and provides a modern, sleek look for the station. United Structure Solution, Inc. added to this by furnishing and installing the wall panels along the escalators, providing access to the highest above-ground subway station in the world.
Delta Terminal
LaGuardia Airport
The Delta Terminal and NYC?s LaGuardia Airport recently underwent an extensive renovation. United Structure Solution, Inc. was contracted to furnish and install new entrance vestibules, various glass guardrails, and architectural feature wall glass, creating a futuristic new look for the terminal.
63rd Street
The 63rd Street/Lexington Avenue subway station recently received a much-needed renovation. The renovation included a massive redesign, including wall panels installed by United Structure Solution?s experienced personnel.
7 Line
34th Street Station
The brand new 34th Street station is one station amongst others in the extension of the 7-Line. United Structure Solution, Inc. provided experienced labor forces to erect the metal wall and ceiling panels which adorns the modern station.